How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest to Increase Traffic to your Blog

Pinterest is without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest driver of traffic to my blog. This is why it is so important to claim your website on Pinterest.

Pinterest has 443 million users each month, all looking for inspiration, tips and advice and your blog can provide just the information they need.

All you need to know is how to claim your website on Pinterest and you’re ready to go!

how to claim your website on Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog Pinterest pin
Increase traffic to your blog with Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the most successful platforms for driving traffic to blogs and websites.

Every month, Pinterest sends at least 90% more people to my blogs than Instagram, Facebook and Twitter together (TikTok seems to have a bit more driving power).

Back in 2018, when the traffic to my blog – – was still really low, I started researching how to drive more traffic and Pinterest came up time and again.

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If you’re looking to increase traffic to your blog with Pinterest (because, although we all love Instagram for the chat and inspo, it’s pretty poor at directing traffic) you’ll have more success on Pinterest if you claim your website.

google analytics data for October 2022 showing Pinterest accounts for over 90% of my referral traffic to my website Melanie Jade Design
Google Analytics data for October 2022 shows Pinterest accounts for over 90% of my referral traffic to my website Melanie Jade Design Instagram? 3.3%!!

Do you need to claim your website on Pinterest?

Well, I think the above data is probably enough to convince you, you do!

When you claim your website, Pinterest will prominently display your full website URL at the top of your Pinterest profile including a few sentences about your business and what you do.

This URL is clickable so users will have direct access to your website from Pinterest which will automatically increase traffic to your blog.

Be Social With Media Profile information on Pinterest

With Idea Pins now becoming more popular than ever on Pinterest, displaying your website on your Pinterest profile is extremely important.

You can’t link Idea Pins directly to your blog post or social media sites (although, it would seem Pinterest is slowly rolling out putting links in your description…).

However, Pinterest users will click on your Idea Pin to take a look at your profile and will hopefully follow your links from there.

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Having your website displayed on Pinterest will also prove an invaluable tool when it comes to analysing what Pins and content are driving traffic to your website.

This is extremely important when you are trying to build and grow a successful blog.

How to claim your website on Pinterest

If you are ready to increase traffic to your blog with Pinterest, you have to make sure you have a Business account first before you claim your website.

You probably already have a Pinterest Personal account, so it is really easy to swap to Business.

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How to Change to a Pinterest Business Account

There are many benefits to changing your Pinterest from a Personal account to Business and claiming your website. These include –

  • Pinterest Analytics – You will have access to Pinterest analytics which will show, amongst other things, what Pins Pinterest users are saving from your website and your top performing Pins from your website.
  • Profile Picture – Any Pins that come from your website will automatically have your profile picture next to them with some metadata from your website. This includes images saved to Pinterest from other users
  • Ads – Access to Ads on Pinterest, helping you promote your website Pins
  • Access to tools – Get early access to new and upcoming tools on Pinterest
  • Rich Pins – You can enable rich pins. This will let you add more information to the Pins you have created and a call to action.
Be Social With Media with text and arrows showing analytics, ads, profile picture and website link

Unlike other social networks where you can enter your website URL into your profile and away you go, the process is slightly more technical on Pinterest.

You will need to upload an HTML file to your website or add a meta tag to your header. But don’t worry, it can be done quickly and easily and the benefits are substantial.

How to claim your website on Pinterest >>>

This is for people that have a website as this is the most common platform for bloggers. Although, the method for Squarespace is very similar.

1. Log into your Pinterest business account and select the arrow in the top right-hand corner > choose Settings

screenshot showing settings menu on Pinterest

2. Go to Edit Settings and click on the Claim tab

3. Enter your Website address

4. Click on the Claim button

Screenshot showing claim window on Pinterest

5. Select the Add HTML tag option (there is also the option to Upload an HTML file but adding the tag is easier in my opinion) and copy the tag that shows up in the box below. It should look something like – <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”50e89382b484829c2983a4399c838832″/>

6. There are many ways to add the HTML tag to, but the easiest is to add a WordPress Plugin. In this guide, we will be using WPCode.

7. If you don’t already have WPCode, go to Plugins on your dashboard and search for WPCode

screenshot showing add plugins on WordPress and the WPCode plugin

8. Install and Activate WPCode.

9. Once activated, you need to visit Code Snippets > Header & Footer page in your WordPress Admin area. In the “Header” section, paste the HTML tag.

screenshot showing plugins in WordPress

10. Click on the “save changes” button.

11. Once you have saved the changes, go back to your Pinterest screen and click the Continue button.

12. Enter your website URL and click “Verify”

Screenshot showing Verify pop up on Pinterest

13. You should see a message saying “Verification in progress“.

And that’s it, folks!

Pinterest says it can take up to 24 hours for the verification to work but in my experience, it has taken less than an hour. You will receive a confirmation email once it has been completed.

Do you need to claim your website on Pinterest? It’s a big yes from me!

Verifying your website is worth doing as it can increase traffic to your blog, add information to your Pins and give you useful analytics.

It can seem a bit daunting at first if you are a complete technophobe and the phrase HTML tag come out, but it really is quite simple to do!

I always find things a little overwhelming to begin with but if I just sit down and put my mind to it, I can work it out.

Any questions, leave them in the comments!

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how to claim your website on Pinterest to increase traffic Pinterest pin
Increase traffic to your blog with Pinterest

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