How to Create Content Pillars to Batch Social Media Posts Quickly

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be consistent when it comes to posting on your social media channels. Having content pillars really…


I can’t stress enough how important it is to be consistent when it comes to posting on your social media channels.

Having content pillars really helps you to organise your posts.

Did you know that over 2 million blog posts are produced every day? Being seen and staying relevant is hard work, so you need to throw all your tools at content marketing.

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But what are content pillars? You already have a niche, whether it be digital marketing, fashion and beauty or home décor. You may have narrowed it down even more to concentrate on certain areas of that niche, like biophilic and plant-based home décor. However, you’re still finding it hard to create content each month.

This is where content pillars are crucial to creating content. A content pillar is an informative bit of content on a specific theme within your niche. You can turn these pillars into smaller pieces of content to provide you with plenty of material to create content around.

I also find that by creating content pillars, it helps me bring clarity to my business. Not only do my audience know what I’m about, I also know what to talk about and not go off on a tangent (which I am very prone to doing!) I find the world of social media and digital marketing extremely interesting and want to cover it all 😊

With your content pillars in place, you can use these to create blog posts, infographics, social media posts, emails and more throughout your many different channels.

This can help your audience see that you have expertise in a certain area.

narrowing down your niche will give your audience confidence that you are an expert in your chosen field - quote in image

It is an extremely efficient way of helping you create content. I have found that by creating content pillars for my business, I have been able to come up with ideas for social media posts and blogs quickly and effortlessly and can plan my content a month in advance.

How did I create my content pillars?

I took 30 minutes out of my busy day, sat down with a notepad and pen and brainstormed!

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This is your chance to sit down and have a good think about what your business is about, who your audience is and your goals.

What do you want your content to do? Do you want more followers? More people buying your products or services? Or just to direct traffic to your blog?

It’s probably all of the above. Try and figure out what 5 subjects of your business will help you achieve your goals and create content around those 5 subjects.

Here’s how I created content pillars to help me quickly batch content for a month –

  1. Your content pillars will be the main subjects you will cover in your posts. The usual number is between 3 and 5. For example; if you are an interior Instagrammer like myself, your main pillars could be DIY, Decorating, Colour trends, Houseplants or Garden Design.
  2. If you can’t break your niche down into separate pillars, try sorting them into types or sentiments. Promotional, engaging, motivational and educational are good topics to start on.
  3. How many posts do you want to do a month? It’s really up to you, just make sure you are consistent. A good number of posts to aim for on Instagram is 3 to 4 times a week and on your blog, once a week. If you are posting 4 times a week, that would be 16 times a month (with 4 of those posts promoting your blog). Divide this up between your content pillars so you have an even coverage of all your topics and hopefully cover all of your audiences needs.
  4. Start brainstorming and writing down ideas for content. There are so many ways to do this. You could use question stickers in your Instagram stories asking what your audience want to see or find out about. Look at Google trends and what your competitors are doing. What are people asking on Twitter or Reddit? What is trending on social media apps?
  5. Create all your graphics, videos, Reels and images for your ideas. With Instagram – try to use Reels or carousels for most of your posts
  6. Write your captions for your posts. I tend to write a draft caption to go with the content and then make sure it is correct and up to date just before I post.
  7. Add all your hashtags. Make sure you aim for all 30! I have a list of hashtags that I regularly use and put them into categories so I can mix them up for each post. For example, hashtags for; Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, Reels, Content creation etc.
  8. With all your content ready to go, use a scheduling app so you can literally schedule and forget. I used Facebook Creator Studio but there are plenty of other apps like Later or Planoly that can also schedule content for you.

Some key notes to remember when creating your content –

  • Understand what your audience (or potential audience) wants to see
  • Think about keywords – SEO should always be the first thought when creating any content to attract potential customers. With over one billion monthly active users on Instagram, it plays a pivotal role in being found. Your content can be found via the Instagram search bar.
  • What has worked in the past? Look at your Instagram and blog insights and produce more of what people liked and engaged with
  • Provide content where people can engage, learn something or that evokes emotions. Controversial views are always a huge comment driver (just be careful what you are controversial about!)

There’s not really a lot too it. It can be quite a fun process to sit down and have a good look at what you want to talk about, how you can provide value and help to your audience and work out your goals.

After 5 years of working with social media and blogging, I’ve finally found how useful it is to have Content pillars and a plan!

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