How to Make Money on Pinterest: 10 Ways to Monetise Your Content

It is no secret how much I love Pinterest.

I was on the platform way before Instagram and TikTok and it was browsing Pinterest that got me interested in blogging in the first place.

However, can you make money on Pinterest?

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How to make money on Pinterest!

Whether you are a content creator, blogger, or business owner, you are probably wondering how to make money on Pinterest.

A bit like all the other social media platforms, Pinterest provides many ways in which you can monetise your content including working with brands, affiliates, sending traffic to your blog and many more.

Pinterest is not classed as a social media platform, it is described as a visual discovery search engine, so it is perfect to monetise your content, especially if it is visually led.  

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Pinterest has around 430 million users worldwide who consume around 1 billion bits of content daily on Pinterest.

Pinterest tends to be the first port of call when people start new projects and look for ideas, inspiration, or recipe tips. This makes it a fantastic platform to show your products, ideas, blog posts and services.

Before you start with how to make money on Pinterest, you need to make sure your Pinterest strategy is up to date, and you are optimising your Pinterest channel for SEO.

Without an audience to showcase your products, images and services, you will not be able to make money!

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How to make money on Pinterest

Below are 10 ways you can make money on Pinterest, some direct, some indirect.

I think a lot of “How to Make Money On Pinterest” articles can be a bit misleading. Pinterest is not like a blog where you can make money directly from display ads and writing content for brands, although it is not too dissimilar.

It is all about using a combination, if not all of the list below.  

Does Pinterest pay you?

Pinterest was trialling a Creator Rewards program but decided to discontinue it in 2023.

This program was set up for creators to earn money by creating Idea Pins around Pinterest prompts, but they decided to end the trial and concentrate on other features.

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1. Drive traffic to your products

If you are a product-based business or provide services, Pinterest is a huge traffic driver and can make or break your business.

You can pin your product or service pages directly onto Pinterest as a Pin. These Pins can be linked to your product pages on your online shop and have the huge advantage of user intent.

What is user intent?

Pinterest is basically an image-sharing search engine. Users will search for things they are interested in or looking to buy in the search bar and Pinterest will deliver the best results.

If you are using Pinterest SEO correctly, your product pins should come up in that search result.

SEO in patterns

Pinterest users have intent and are more likely to buy your product. This can’t always be said for social media where the majority of users are just scrolling through content.

Make sure you have enabled Rich Pins on your account which will sync all the information from your website and in particular, Product Rich Pins. These will include your latest information, price and inventory.

To enable Rich Pins you need to make sure you have a business account and claim your website on Pinterest >>>

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2. Create Pins around your affiliate partnerships

How to make money on Pinterest without a blog?

Affiliate marketing is huge on social media and for bloggers. Becoming an affiliate for brands means you can make a commission every time someone buys a product or service from a link you provide.

This can also work on Pinterest, even if you don’t have a blog!

By sharing your affiliate links in your Pins, you can direct people to the products and make a commission if they purchase. This works particularly well on Pinterest as people will be searching for a specific product or service, so they are more likely to buy.

To make the most of affiliate links on your Pinterest account, make sure you use high-quality images and use keywords and hashtags in your descriptions to help people find your content.

You can also direct Pinterest users to your blog posts which contain affiliate links.

When using affiliate links on Pinterest, make sure you follow their guidelines.

  • Always disclose that the link is an affiliate
  • Follow Pinterest’s Paid Partnership Guidelines
  • Affiliate content should be original
  • Be transparent about the commercial nature of your content
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3. Send people to your website or blog via your pins

Pinterest was instrumental in building up my page views on and helped me apply to Mediavine, a full-service ad management company, within 6 months.

I now make most of my money from my blog through display ads, all helped by the traffic driven by Pinterest.

A bit like search engines, Pinterest works on SEO and keywords to help its users find your content. Optimising your Pins for keywords that people are searching for can help drive traffic to your blog.

How to monetise a blog through Pinterest –

  • Jump onboard trends to maximise your chance of being seen
  • Save your Pins to relevant boards that have relevant titles, descriptions, and images, all optimised for searchability
  • Create multiple Pins for each product or blog post and save them to multiple boards
  • Create rich pins that automatically assign details from each product or pin

4. Join the Pinterest Creator Fund

In 2021, Pinterest launched the Creator Fund, which was directed at underrepresented creators.

The Creator Fund is a 5-week programme where creators can learn about creating Pinterest content and receive brand sponsorships.

The Creator Fund is only open to people who meet the critera. A new Fund cycle is created every 3 months and Pinterest users who are selected to join the fund can receive up to $25,000 in a cash grant, ad credits and an equipment sum.

Currently, it is only open to US creators, but Pinterest is looking to open it up to Brazil and the UK soon.

You will need to sign up for the Pinterest Creator Newsletter to find out when a Fund opens and how to apply.

5. Shoppable Pins

Creating shoppable pins on your Pinterest account can help increase sales and drive people to your website.

Product pins are the best way to create shoppable pins as they allow online businesses to list their products so customers can make a purchase, all within Pinterest.

To be able to do this, you need to apply to become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest.

Product pins are like Rich Pins, with a little more information. They will include pricing information, availability, the title and description.

Shoppable Pins for IKEA

Social commerce (where social media users can buy products directly within the app) is due to explode in the next couple of years and Pinterest is jumping on board.

In 2021, 48% of Americans purchased something via social media and by 2026, shoppers are expected to spend almost $2.9 trillion via social commerce.

If you have products or services to sell, one of the best ways to sell them is directly through a social media app and that includes Pinterest!

6. Sponsored Content

A bit like social media, you can also work with brands and get paid to create Pins for their products. This is another way how to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

Once you have agreed to collaborate with a brand, setting up a sponsored Pin is quite easy to do.

Create an Idea Pin with the product in mind, add the paid partnership label by tagging the brand and wait for the brand to approve.

If the brand also decides to put the Pin on its Pinterest feed, it is great for growing your impressions and following.

A win win!

pinterest image showing how creators can assign the paid partnership label
Image credit: Pinterest

7. Manage Pinterest for other businesses

Businesses, bloggers, and brands alike all want to know how to effectively use Pinterest. I have been using the app daily for around 4 years now and I love everything about it.

It is not a difficult platform to use, but there is so much to learn!

If you are already using Pinterest and have a pretty good handle on it, why not help others to manage their Pinterest accounts and grow?

There are 100s if not 1000s of people selling their Pinterest knowledge and helping people to manage their Pinterest account, why not set up a service yourself and get paid for your knowledge?

How to make money on Pinterest? Help others! Photo by Mailchimp on Unsplash

8. Pinterest ads to reach more users

One thing I have learnt over the last 6 months is that sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.

I have been trying to juggle 2 websites and all the social media content that comes with them, and something had to give.

I listen to many podcasts about blogging and making money online and every single person interviewed says how they outsource a lot of their social media and content, and they have seen their earnings explode in doing so.

This is the same with Pinterest.

You have put all your strategies in place, pinning at least 15 times a day and making sure your Pinterest SEO is thorough. However, your organic reach is still pretty dismal.

Promoted pins can help your pins reach a bigger audience and be placed in front of potential buyers who may not have seen your Pins. They look like regular pins and can be placed in the home feed, category feeds and search results.

If you have a product or service to sell and feel it isn’t getting the attention it needs, then Pinterest Ads are a great way to reach new audiences.

You might have to spend a bit of money first, but it is a sound investment that could have a big impact on your sales.

If you are looking at finding ways on how to monetise a blog, driving traffic from Pinterest is a brilliant strategy.

Head to Pinterest Ads Manager to find out more

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Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

9. Idea pins to push products and partner with brands

I was a bit late to the party with Idea Pins on Pinterest and only started creating them in the summer of 2022.

Idea Pins do not allow you to attach a URL, so anything I created wouldn’t point to my websites.

I couldn’t see the point.

However, I started to see a huge decline in impressions and clicks from Pinterest to my blogs and I knew I needed to update my Pinterest strategy.

It was obvious that Pinterest was pushing Idea Pins as they were at the top of my feed and featured heavily in my home feed, so I started creating them daily.

Idea Pins are multi-page image or video posts and although you can’t link to products, you can tag products in the Pin to make them shoppable. As Idea Pins are growing in popularity, they are the best way to showcase your products.

Pinterest allows you to tag products using affiliate links or from brands (see shoppable pins above), so if you want to make money from Pinterest, you really have to start creating Idea Pins.

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10. Use Pinterest Branded Content

If you are eligible, you can use the Pinterest Branded Content feature, which is available in the Pinterest mobile app.

When you sign into your account, you should see the button “Creator Hub” on your profile feed. Click on this and then click on Branded content

Here you can find all the information you need about how to make money on Pinterest, Paid partnerships for Creators and Pinterest Creator Community.

Branded content screenshot on an iphone
how to make money on pinterest through the Branded content feature

Pinterest itself is extremely supportive of helping creators make money through the app. In the Creator Hub, you will find your account insights, analytics and how to create branded content.

They are always updating and finding new ways to help their creators and they will be focusing on more shoppable elements in the app for 2023.

Can you make money on Pinterest?

If you have the right Pinterest strategy and Pin regularly, you should find it easy to monetise your blog and make money directly through Pinterest.

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How to make money on Pinterest - 10 ways to monetise your content Pinterest pin
How to make money on Pinterest

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